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  • Please note...
    Our products are made with natural wood - each piece of wood is different which means the colour of the wood & the engraving can slightly differ to product images shown. These pieces are created with a laser which means there will be burn marks on the edges of the wood.
  • Please note...
    Our products are NOT toys. They are designed as ornamental pieces or photography props. They are not to be given to children.
  • How do I care for my resin keepsakes?
    Resin is quite a durable material, but that does not mean it will not break, scratch or loose its lustre if not looked after properly. Please keep out of direct sunlight, clean with a soft cloth & keep them indoors.
  • Why are there small cavities or bubbles in my resin letters?
    Small bubbles or cavities may form in your resin pieces during the curing process - we ensure that they do not take away from the overall appearance of your keepsake piece. These pieces are handmade so 'imperfections' may occur.
  • Mind your Ps & Fs...
    Please note that 'top heavy' resin letters such as Ps & Fs will not stand on their own on the keepsake stand along with curved letters such as Os & Cs. A small piece of double sided tape attached to their base will help them stand on their own.
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